I Marco Garcia am a soon to be graduate of the CMI program in NMSU with an emphasis on sound. I first began my creative endeavors in DACC, where I got my Associate’s Degree in Creative Media Technology (2017). My first post-production sound assistance was in Brittney’s film Colours of the Heart (2017). From there I have decided to tackle on more bigger audio projects in order to perfect my craft. I helped publish a single known as “Kryptonite” for an artist by the name “MicAdoni$” (2017). I was responsible for mixing and mastering his vocals. As time went on, I ended up doing more audio work, I worked on a sci-fi radio drama in 2018 called The Cursed Treasure by Wyatt McNeal. I did dialogue editing and mixing. I also modified sounds to create custom-made sound effects. I did an independent project called the Giacomo Rondinella a go-go restoration project (2019). I recorded and converted and entire vinyl to a digital format. I then did audio editing such as noise reduction, de-pop, and parametric equalization. This was all in an effort to create a comfortable listening experience. I worked on two independent films as a post-production mixer. I did dialogue, foley, and custom sound effects for The Understudy and Switch (2019). I did production audio for two documentaries; Life of a Hidden Artist: Luis Gamboa Camarena (2019), SCA: The Outlands (2019). Currently, I’m studying reel to reel and cassette machines, I hope to make an all analog radio drama.

A great picture taken by Luis GamboaCama